Welcome to the shopping site of Urban Harvest India. Here you will find the freshest vegetables grown by Urban Harvest. When you shop from our site, we deliver the freshest of vegetables at your doorstep. We manage to keep the vegetables fresh because there are no middle men, there are no warehouses. We grow these vegetables, we harvest those and we deliver straight at your doorsteps.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide freshness to people. We often come across poor quality vegetables being sold at malls, vegetable shops which are harvested days even weeks before they are bought by us. Our endeavor is to give the opportunity for people to eat fresh vegetables.

Our Principles

Like our products, our business principles are clean and simple. We are committed to offering our customers fresh vegetables at affordable prices, give them healthy food choices and socially responsible business practices rooted in local communities, while contributing to a greener, cleaner environment.

Our Store

We sell only through online now. You order, we deliver as soon as the vegetables are harvested.

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